Message from Mitchell Britt

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At Circle H Stables, I strive to find each and every horse a good home!  I purchase horses from individuals and dealers.   When I purchase a horse, I provide vaccinations, farrier work, Negative Coggins test, and Equine Denistry on each horse when it gets here.   I have sold horses for over 25 yrs and have discovered that wealth is not a guarantee of a good and caring home.   I have sold to people who live in mansions that became tired of the horses and then neglected them terribly.  I have seen people who had to buy 1 bag of feed and 1 bale of hay at a time, but the horse was fed.   Some customers would eat macroni and cheese for dinner rather than let their horse go without food.   Bottom line is that no body knows how well a horse will be cared for by someone else.   We try to sell to families that view a horse as a member of the family.   Being a "horse trader" does not mean that I don't take care of the horses or that I don't care abour their next home.    To me, horses are a sacred animal created by God!  

- Mitchell Britt, January 2015