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Creating images from scripture helps bring the Bible to life

 Beware!   This page contains references to God and Jesus Christ.   The result of viewing the images and reading the prose could result in feelings of peace, then salvation, then to eternal life.  

John 1:5- The light shines in the darkness

 John 1:10 - He was in the world, and thou the world was made through him, the world didn't recognize him.

      Do you hate it when you meet someone and you know them but they don't remember you?  This happened to me.  I knew this lady that I ran into at a store and she pretended not to know me.   It was even a little hurtful.  

      That is how Jesus feels each time one of his brothers and sisters refuse to acknowledge him and the one who sent him, God our father.

      In the horse world this is called High Hatting, which is someone who pretends not to know you because of your social status.    

     Can you think of any reason why would someone be a High Hatter?      I can think of three: biological, ego and anger.

     Biological involves memory loss from age or medications.

     Ego is another motivation for High Hatting.   The person doesn't want to know you because it would dimish his/her social status.  

      Anger is when someone felt that you did them wrong.   The person holds a grudge and chew on it like a cow chews its cud.

Do you accept Jesus or are you a High Hatter where Jesus is concerned?   

2 Kings 17:15

 2 Kings 17:15 - they rejected (God) his decrees and the covenant He had made with their fathers and the warnings He had given them."

How do I reject God and follow men?

I reject God when I overeat and over spend.

I reject God when I am unkind.

I reject God when I don't invest time in His word.

I try to fill the God shaped void in me with overeating, overspending, then blaming others and being unkind and self hating.

By focusing on achieveing happiness by eating, I forego any spiritual food that God has for me that is wisedom, grace, peace, and mercy.   Indeed, I am worshiping food, like Kebbler fudge cookies, and TV more than God.   Some of this has been programed by watching the TV!   When I watch less TV, I want to eat less and spend less.  

Sadly, I run to a blue god (TV) that neither eats nor sleeps nor feels.    The wisdom of the TV is situational and changes as society changes.  

I find that I do that with Facebook too!

What do you run to rather than God?

John 1:3-4

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1 Timothy 4:4

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1 Peter 2:7

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1 The 4:8

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This Series is about Rejection

 I Kings 19:10 - He (Elijah) replied: "I have been very zealous for the Lord God Almighty.  The Isrealities have rejected your covenant, broken down your alters, and put your prophets to death with the sword."

   Acceptance of God begins with His word.   

   Do you believe that the Bible is God's word?     Yes...I think (100%) that the Bible is the word of God.  

   The next step is Act.  Do I Act like the Bible is the word of God?  Sometimes about 80%, because sometimes, I act contray when it suits my desires. 

   However, I am generous, kind, but lack other qualities that is in the St. Francis of Assissi prayer.

   The next step is Feel.   Do I feel God?   Sometimes, about 60%, because I allow fear to reign.

   I have insight and often feel peace when I am stressed.   My behavior and actions indicate that I reject the Bible.

   So although my performance average about 80% (leave room for improvement), God's love and grace is 100%.

   What is your score? 

Psalm 66:20

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Matthew 21:42

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1 Peter 2:4

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Sample Photo 11

Diana Canaday is the 2014 World Elite Ambassitor and partipates in art shows with the Waccamaw Arts and Crafts Guild

Ductwork Dale rejected me

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Sample Photo 13

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